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Customer Care

About Your Bill

This page provides some insight into where you can find information about your bill. Click on a bullet below to get help on parts of your bill. Should you need additional assistance, please call (979) 357-4411, (979) 278-3600 or (888) 212-8872.
Account Numbers are located in the "Account Information" area (Section 3 below)
Bill Payer Address Information:
Address where service is being provided, unless an alternative address has been specified for the statement to be mailed to. go back
Customer Number:
A unique identifying number assigned to each customer within the system.
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Bill Date:
The first day of the bill period.
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Due Date:
Refers to the day on which the account balance is due.
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Previous Charges:
Refers to services previously charged to the account that remain unpaid.
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Current Charges:
Refers to the current services a customer is being charged for. go back
Contact Information:
For questions regarding this bill, contact our business office.
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Special Message:
Messages from Industry Telephone Company or Industry I-Net regarding your services or other services we provide.
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Current Charges:
Summary charges incurred on telephone and internet service for the current and upcoming month.
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Total Amount Due:
The previous and current charges due for payment.
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Payment Coupon:
Detachable remittance slip that identifies the account for which you are making payment on. This slip should be included when mailing payments.
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Recurring Message:
Message displayed when a given customer has selected the recurring payments option.
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Please Pay This Amount:
Total amount of payment expected.
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Return Address:
The address where the payment should be mailed.
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